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you really nailed making something unique here i think and with some thanks to the camera swinging motion you got goin on (you mentioned in a response below that this was a first for working with new softwares- good work i say) and honestly it's not going to stick with some people just because it's so over-the-top but the campy anime vibe plus the totally ridiculous premise of shaggy fisting scooby doo that makes this solid as a newgrounds submission. taking dumb ideas and rolling with them brings us good shit like this so p much never change and keep developing yrself stylistically

Let me start out by saying that I've seen your toons around, from posts on reddit to whenever you make it on the front page, and each time I see a new one I get a little pumped. I'm not huge on drug culture or psychedelia, but there is a lot to be appreciated about the animation style you bring to the table. This particular short feels a bit like you're pandering here with the subject matter and what not, but still it's pretty enjoyable. The observational humor here and there (jesse & james's relationship status, brock being a pedophile, ash being an asshole) aren't really unexplored themes here, but there's still some fun to be had in how the characters interact still. Maybe this is a bit too wordy for a cartoon about pokemon, but I want to see more from you guys!

I say sir! The cloudcuckoolander humor fits the style of the narrative so well; you combine verbal jokes with physical gags that are as fast paced as they are hilarious. There are a lot of very implicit bits that take attention to notice and add to the ability to want to watch it a second time. smart, fast, and with a lot of improvement hoss. For the most part the plot does not suffer from the style you execute with how you tell the story, but there are some parts that could be clearer, though this can add also to the re-watch-ability (tm) of it. lip-sync does get off at times (but I can say safely that I screw that up just as much) and sometimes I feel character design is either a little inconsistent or lacking (which will happen when making a cartoon with such a wide cast of characters), which takes away from the charm of your aesthetic. I want more, god damn you, more.

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After loading up what I figured was another one of those silly flash games on Newgrounds, I was proven very, very wrong. Color My World was like stumbling into a dream- A dream with physics programmed by actionscript, but it couldn't have felt more right. With these self-reflecting signs marking my way as I wander through this landscape of shades of gray, I just can't help but feel like this game was made specifically for me. The message conveyed through this silly flash game really rocked my world.

The art was simple yet effective, and the animation was just great, music provided a strange calm, and it lasts as long as it needs to. Now all I want is Colour My Universe (:

It was good

It was g.......o...........o........d

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